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About the Site

BanglaTourism is one of the largest tourism-based websites in Bangladesh. BanglaTourism's red-green color represents the red blood of 30 million martyrs who sacrifice their life in the war of independence and the evergreen Bangladesh. On July 15, 2018, the tourism-based website BanglaTourism started its journey with the slogan "To see Bangladesh, to know Bangladesh".

Firstly, the journey of this website has been started to promote tourism spots of every district of Bangladesh to local and foreign tourists. Especially those who are particularly interested in tourism in their district or the surrounding districts, can easily get information from this website. The tourists who come to this country from Bangladesh or abroad, many of them do not know, there are many tourist spots, including historic, archaeological patterns, natural spots to look around them. Because of that, the spots are not seen despite the opportunity. The BanglaTourism website is hopeful that it will be very helpful to fill the vacuum.

Not only is the main obstacle in tourism industry not known about tourism spots. Another major problem in other problems is the lack of proper guide. The tourist guide will be able to serve as a special assistant to meet the problem. There are many tourist guides in Bangladesh currently working. However, they do not have any specific platforms. Or many are interested to work as a tourist guide, but they are not possible for them because there is no specific platform. Particularly the opportunity to work part-time as a tourist guide for the students studying in the university. The BanglaTourism website will serve as a special platform for Bangladesh's tourist guides. Through this platform, tourists guides can announce various tour events and can describe their excursions. Not only is the Bangladeshi tourist guide, but also the foreign tourist guide can register their names. The Bangladeshi tourists who are interested in touring outside the country, can guide them outside the country.

Bringing all the other relevant information needed by a tourist into a platform is one of the goals of the BanglaTourism website. Before going to any place, you can also find out about the tourism of this place, from the site, as well as know about the accommodation. This website offers various emergency numbers including hotel-motels and resorts. Which will be especially helpful for tourists.

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